CS1411 - 160 - Programming Principles I, Spring 2005



The syllabus is online.

The schedule is online. This is only approximate and will change during the semester.


Important class announcements will be posted here. Please check back frequently.

  • Just as a remainder how important correct number handling is: All students that had a floating point final grade (4) got that counted as 0. Since this is 20% of the grade it seriousely brought the grades down. Thanks to Jose this error was found, and the grades are fixed now.
  • Final Grades are posted in TechSIS
  • Grades for the final
  • Example solution for the final (programming part)
  • Project 2 Grades are posted. If yoiu have not gotten your printout back, please email me and see me / tell me where i need to send it to
  • Notes for the final exam are finally posted
  • If you have any grade corrections, please notify me before the final. If you do it via email, please make sure that I got it (ask me at the final if I didn't reply)
  • The final will be on Sat, May 7th, 10:30 - 1:00 p.m. (see Final Schedule)
  • Programming assignment 2 is posted. It is due May 3rd. Please note: I may update it later if necessary.
  • Please check the Extra credit for the 2nd prgramming test
  • The second programming exam will be on april 5th, in the LAB
  • Please check the Extra credit for the midterm
  • I have updated the schedule. Please note: The date for the 2nd programming exam will change!
  • Notes for written exam.
  • Don't forget: The written midterm will be on Tue, Mar 8! Notes will be posted here soon.
  • Programming assignment 1 is posted. It is due March 10th.
  • Please see the Notes on the programming test.
  • Don't forget: Programming test on Feb 17!
  • Please prepare your questions for feb 15 for review
  • The first day of class is Thu, Jan 13.
  • The first lab session is Tue, Jan 18.


Programming examples

There are several examples for you to look at:

Test examples

Other notes



  • due Jan 25: Read chapter 1+2, take 3-6 handwritten pages of notes (total, not per chapter)
  • due Feb 1: Read chapter 3, take 2-4 handwritten pages of notes
  • due Feb 8: Read chapter 4+5.1, take 2-4 handwritten pages of notes
  • due Feb 15: Read chapters the rest of chapter 5 (5.2-), take 2-4 handwritten pages of notes
  • due Feb 22: None due to programming test week
  • due Feb 29 (Mar 1): Read chapters 6.1 + 9.1 (skip the rest of 6, all of 7,8), take 2-4 handwritten pages of notes
  • due Mar 8: Again, none due to test
  • due Mar 29: Read chapter 11 (ignore classes), take 2-4 pages
  • due Mar 31: Read chapter 10.1, 10.2, -> operator from 10.3, take 2-4 pages (plese note: the date overlapps with the one for ch. 11)
  • due Apr 12: Read chapter 13, take 2-4 pages
  • due Apr 19: Read chapter 12 (you may ignore 12.3, but read 12.4), take 2-4 pages. Last notes!

All notes have to be handwritten and passed in during class time


Programming projects

Extra Credit

Due to the low grades on the MidTerm, there is an Extra Credit Assignment for up to 20 points. A (partial) example solution.

Please check the Extra credit for the 2nd prgramming test

Quizzes / Exams


are now posted on the grades page. These are posted by your personal test number. To find out what yours is, log in TechSis.

Please check these frequently. This is what I have in my records. There may (and most probably will) be errors, so please let me know ASAP.

Helpful references

The follwing pages may be of some help:


A sheet of paper is a standard letter size sheet of paper. Every sheet has two pages, a front and a back page. So two pages is either two sheets which have writing on one page each or one sheet which has writing on both pages.