CS1412 - Programming Principles II, Spring 2006




  • Please note: The first programming practice is due Friday, Jan 20th!
  • Grades and submission will be done in WebCT. I am currently in the process of getting the course set up.
  • This will be the webpage for the class. Information should appear here before the first day of class

Notes for the final

  • When: Fri, May 5, 1:30p - 4p
  • Where: Lab (PE 118)
  • Allowed: Everything non-interactive, such as books, internet, notes, mp3-player, etc.
  • Not allowed: IM, Email, Cell-Phone
  • Are allowed to use your own laptop, but I am not responsible if it crashes!
  • Bring $$$ for Pizza
  • Assignment: Similar to last lab (but multiple files) + small OO assignment which will use inheritance.

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes (HTML).

Lecture Notes (PDF).


are in WebCT.

STL examples

  • Overriding the < operator for sorting

wxWidgets example


A sheet of paper is a standard letter size sheet of paper. Every sheet has two pages, a front and a back page. So two pages is either two sheets which have writing on one page each or one sheet which has writing on both pages.