My Research Projects


Is located on Max Berger's Bibliography page.

University of Innsbruck

  • Local coordinator for the EGEE project.


  • WMS-X is a workload management system helper for gLite.

Texas Tech

SILENUS - Sorcers Integrated Enhanced New User's Filestore

This new filestore system will utilize the SORCER Environment as developed by Dr. Sobolewski's research group.

Please see the Silenus page.

TU München


  • My paper on SyncML is available in pdf format or for online browsing: paper on SyncML.
  • libsyncml
    This project is dead. It has been replaced by the SyncML support for OGo project.
  • SyncML support for OGo
    This is the project I am currently working on. It has replaced the above SyncML library, which was written in C++, with a new one, written in Objective-C for the OpenGroupware project.

More Projects

More projects / papers / etc. are linked from the main page