Open Source Software

I have written and contributed to a number of different open source software.

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Active projects

  • I have cleaned up and released a new version of JEuclid, where I am the current maintainer.
  • I am a commiter for Apache FOP.
  • I have created an even simpler JSON library called MJL.
  • I have created a small desktop icon library called MIL.

Inactive projects

  • acpi4linux
    I am one of the two initiators of the ACPI4Linux project. Due to political reasons, however, I am no longer working on this project.
  • libsyncml
    This project is dead. It has been replaced by the SyncML support for OGo project.
  • RemoteFinder
    is a graphical SCP frontent for Mac OS X. It is currently very usable and still supported by me.
  • SyncML support for OGo
    This project has replaced the above SyncML library, which was written in C++, with a new one, written in Objective-C for the OpenGroupware project.
  • iShelf - organize your digital Media
    is a media organizer for Mac OS X.