CS1411 - 160 - Programming Principles I, Spring 2005

Lab assignment 2


This weeks you will practice variables, typecasts and if-statements

Mandatory work

Your TA will check that you have done the following things (you may leave once their done) :

Program 1

Ask the users for two integer numbers (the range should be big enough to enter 1 mio). Store them in variables you call "a" and "b".

Calculate a / b (integer division) and store the result in an integer variable called "i"

Calculate the remainder of a/b (integer division) and store the results in an integer variable called "m" (hint: need modulo operator)

calculate a / b (floating point division) and store the result in a floating point variable called "f" (use static_cast)

Output i, m and f with some explaining text

Program 2

  • Ask the user to input an age (whole number) and store it
  • Ask the user to input how much money he has (floating point value) and store it
  • If he's at least 21 and has more than $5.00 output Let's go out!
  • If he's under 21, but has more than $7.00 output Let's go to a movie!
  • If none of the above applies output Let's meet at my place

Please note: for "more than $5.00 / $7.00" you may use either > or >=

Optional work

Some other things that you might try:

  • For program 1: Output a*b. Change all integer datatypes to short. Try some multiplications that go beyond the range (e.g. 50 * 1000)
  • For program 2: Add some more options


Please check the labs page on how to get started. There are instructions for visual studio (use version 6) and XCode

Please give the Macs a try. If you simply cannot work with them, go to PE 119, but let your TA know.

Sample programs

have moved to the examples page


For help: ask your TA! He is here to help you!

If the instructions are unclear or you have any other questions, please email me