CS1411 - Introduction to Programming Principles I

Notes for Programming Exam

The programming exam will be held on Thu, Feb 17, from 12:30 - 2:00pm. Please be sure to be there in time.

Place: The exam will take place in PC the lab! (behind the Mac LAB, PE 119)

Programming assignment will be similar in style to the example posted on the web page, and have about 5 functions.

Allowed material for the programming part: Books, Notes, Internet, ..., basically anything that is non-interactive (where you can't write a question to it)

The programming part can be done on your own laptop, a Mac or a Win computer in the lab.

Requirements for your own laptop: You will need to either have wireless internet access working before the exam or bring a USB stick That is marked with your name. The reason: I will probably provide a sample main.cpp file that you should work with. Wired networking will not be available.

If, during the programming part, any email, instant messenger, or something similar pops up, you will be an instant 0 for the programming part! Please make sure to turn all those off if you use your own laptop. You are allowed to use an internet browser to view wepages and messageboards, but not to read and or write email or post any kind of message. Basically, anything "passive" is ok, anythink "active" is not. Please ask if in doubt.

Exception to the email rule: You are allowed to email your program to us once you are done.

The material for the test will be everything covered in class or in the book until the day before the exam.

If you can't make it for any reason, please be sure to notify me on the same say at the latest. Failure to do so will result in a 0. Proof of a valid reason for absence might be required (however, you can show me that later).

On the programming part you are allowed to use music devices with headphones, but not cell phones.

If something comes up during test time, I might tell you then that you can't use it. Please let me know beforehand if you are unsure.

More notes might be posted here.