Week Material Misc Projects Prog. Excercises
12-Jan 1 Introduction      
17-Jan 2 Encapsulation First Lab    
19-Jan   Information Hiding, Attributes     P1
24-Jan 3 Associations      
26-Jan   State retention Object identity      
27-Jan   X Drop with refund   P2
31-Jan 4 Messages      
2-Feb   Classes     P3
7-Feb 5 Inheritance      
9-Feb   Polymorphism     P4
14-Feb 6 Genericity      
16-Feb     Test over Part I   P5
21-Feb 7 Classes in C++      
23-Feb   Classes in C++   Project I P6
28-Feb 8 Classes in C++      
2-Mar   Classes in C++     P7
7-Mar 9 Constructors      
8-Mar   X Midsemester Grades    
9-Mar   Destructors     P8
14-Mar   X Spring Break    
16-Mar   X Spring Break    
21-Mar 10 STL      
22-Mar   X Last day to drop / Pass Fail    
23-Mar   STL      
28-Mar 11 STL      
30-Mar   Templates no Test here    
4-Apr 12 STL      
6-Apr   STL   Project II  
11-Apr 13   Test here    
13-Apr   wxWidgets      
18-Apr 14 wxWidgets      
20-Apr   wxWidgets      
25-Apr 15 wxWidgets      
27-Apr   wxWidgets      
2-May 16 Review for Final   Project III  
15-May   X Final grades