CS3364 - Design and analysis of Algorithms, Summer I / 2004

Homework 3

This is due Friday, June 25, 2004, 10 am

Solve Problem 186 (trip routing) from the Valladolid Programming Contest Problem Set.

Solve Problem 459 (connectivity) from the Valladolid Programming Contest Problem Set.

For both problems, even if your programming language has these algorithms built-in, program them youself! However, you may use exisinting data structures from your programming language.

Use any programming language, however, if you use C, C++, Java or Pascal you can have the online judge test your program. For C++ please see the Notes on c++

Please note: The Printout of problem 459 I passed out in class is not correct! Please use the online description!

Submit the programming part eletronically, either by putting them on the unix accounts in the cs department in a folder that I can read, or by sending them via email to max@berger.name