used to add a menu to your window.

The top most level is a wxMenuBar. A menu bar may have multiple Menus. You can set the menubar for a windows with the SetMenuBar() method.

A Menu has

  • regular entries

  • separators

  • submenus

Mac users "think different". In their view, it is not the windows that has a menu, but the active application. They also want "Exit" to be called "Quit" and to be in the application menu instead of the File menu. Fortunately we do not need to worry about this, wxWidgets will do that autmatically for us. We do need to know about it, since our menus may move without us noticing. Please note that wxID_ABOUT and wxID_EXIT are predefined by wxWidgets for that exact purpose.

There are many standard event identifiers for all the default menu items. Please use them whenever possible! See www.wxwidgets.org/manuals/2.6.3/wx_stdevtid.html for a complete list.