CS1411 - Introduction to Programming Principles I

Programming / Lab Assignment 11

Warning: There will be points deducted if the assignmnent is not submitted in the correct format. Please see the submission guidelines!

Last assignmnent

This assignment is in a format similar to what you can expect on the final, however, on the final I will not give you the testcases (main.cpp)

Get the two files program11_main.cpp and program11_impl.h. Add a third file, program11_impl.cpp that implements all the functionality described in the header file.

Please note: Your implementation should not rely on the test cases, but rather implement what is stated in the description.

Your programs should include comments whith you name, testnumber, etc. in the top. See also the Submission guidelines

The assignment is due Friday Dec 3, 6pm. You have to submit it electronically as stated in the submission guidelines!

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