CS1411 - Introduction to Programming Principles I

Notes for Exam II

The second exam will be held on mon, Oct 25. Please be sure to be there in time.

The exam will be multiple choice. Please bring your own scantron sheet. It will be orange and have "Test form answer sheet, Texas Tech University" written on it. It has 120 spaces on front and 120 spaces on back. The exam, however, will only have about 30 questions.

Allowed material: Pen and / or pencil. 6 pages (3 sheets doublesided or 6 sheets one-sided) of letter size paper, handwritten notes. Photocopies will not be acceptable!

The material for the test will be Chapters 1-6.1,9-12 from the book and everything covered in class until the friday before the test.

If you can't make it for any reason, please be sure to notify me on the same say at the latest. Failure to do so will result in a 0. Proof of a valid reason for absence might be required (however, you can show me that later).

You are allowed to use a CD player and headphones to cancel out the noise. However, you will have to use an original CD. (No burned CDR's) to ensure the content. For the same reason you may not use other devices, such as cassette or mp3 players, or cell phones.

More notes might be posted here.