My OpenPGP Key(s)

Please note: OpenPGP on this pages refers to the OpenPGP standard as defined by RFC 4880. It applies in particular to the OpenPGP software PGP and GnuPG.

My Key

There are several ways to retrieve my OpenPGP key:

The key id 8 is: C93C5700, the key id 16 is: F989A2E5C93C5700

The Fingerprint is: AB66 38CE 472A 499B 3959 ADA2 F989 A2E5 C93C 5700

Please do not trust this information alone! As you should now, checking each OpenPGP fingerprint through at least two independent sources is mandatory! So, if you get my fingerprint through a different channel (and an email from me doesn't count either!), then please feel free to sign my key, upload it and / or send it to me. Thank you!

Please note: On July 13 2008 I have retired my old main key. The new main key is now stored on a smart card, and uses subkeys for signing on messages on different systems. A recent version of OpenPGP software is needed to use my key.

Alternate keys

For signing, I also use(d) these alternate keys:

  • OpenPGP key E81592BC, fingerprint: F489 F875 9D41 3292 3EC4 BC7E 072A B73A E815 92BC (old main key, replaced by C93C5700 on Jul 13, 2008)
  • OpenPGP key CC31AE97, fingerprint: 7FFB 2D27 0C4D E311 3518 D09D E3E4 404F CC31 AE97 (old key, replaced by C93C5700 on Jul 13, 2008)
  • OpenPGP key 993BD49C, fingerprint: FC22 70A9 0FB3 C204 0E1A E9AF F86A FEE2 993B D49C (old key, replaced by C93C5700 on Jul 13, 2008)
  • OpenPGP key E84103C4, fingerprint: 1C86 5979 A281 895D 82F6 9648 901C 71CA E841 03C4 (Expired jan 2008)
  • OpenPGP key 760E9762, fingerprint: 26A8 B15D D51C A5EE 788A 0446 7071 705B 760E 9762 (Expired oct 2007)

All keys are cross-certified. I will not use alternate signing keys anymore, as I am now using signing subkeys.

Trust path

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Trust path search courtesy of Henk P. Penning.


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