Gnu Public License

One of the three most common used licenses in free software. Software derived from or linked with GPL software also has to be licensed under the GPL.

Hyper Text Transport Protocol

The stuff that the World Wide Web is made of. A protocol to transport text files across TCP networks.


Next generation of the vCalendar format. Explained in the section called “iCalender and iTIP”.

Infrared Data Association

The Infrared Data Association defined a standard how electronic devices connect and exchange data using infrared signals.

Lightweight Directory Acces Protocol

A database access protocol. Explained in the section called “Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)”.

Gnu Lesser Public License

Software derived from LGPL software also has to be licensed under the LGPL. Unlike the GPL, software linked with LGPL software can be published under any license.

Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension

A standard to describe the type and encoding of data outside of the actual data.

Object Exchange

The Object Exchange protocol is used when a Palm Pilot connects with a PC.

Personal information

The information people used to have in their little black notebook. The most common personal infomation is schedule, to-do list, notes, and address book.

Personal Information Manager

Any device or program that handles Personal information. Some of the most common programs are MS Outlook, Gnomecard and Gnomecal, Kab and KOrganizer.

Simple API for XML

A standard for XML parsers.

Transmission Control Protocol

The TCP allows two computers to exchange data streams.

Unique Identifier

Usually a number or another string that exists only once thus uniquely identifying an entry. Explained in the section called “Unique identifiers”.


Versit format for calendar and scheduling information.. Explained in the section called “The Versit format”.


Versit card format for business cards. Explained in the section called “The Versit format”.


A binary representaion of the XML format. Used for small devices and wireless links.

eXtensible Markup Language

The idea of structured documents is actually as old as document processing itself. With the internet hype came the XML hype, and that is why many current standards are described in XML. More on the w3c website.