Retrieving the settings

Before you can compile wxWidgets programs, you need to know which settings to use.

Retrieving the settings on Windows

To retrieve the settings on windows, open up MinGW (assuming you have followed my MinGW/MSYS instructions. You may have to change things a little for cygwin). Then change to your wxWidgets folder:


Retrieve the compile settings:

./wx-config --cxxflags

And the build settings:

./wx-config --libs

Note: For cut'n'paste just mark the lines with your mouse, they are automatically copied into the clipboard. Just push "Ctrl-V" in another application to paste.

Retrieving the settings on Mac OS X

If you have Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, it comes preinstalled with wxWidgets. Just open up a terminal and type:

wx-config --cxxflags

for the compile settings and

wx-config --libs

for the build settings. In OS X, mark your text with the mouse, then use Apple-C to copy it to the clipboard, and in your target application use Apple-V to paste it.