VI(M) and Emacs (Kate / gedit ) are only good for viewing and small edits!

Use a modern, IDE and use its features!

Since we use Maven for project management we can switch IDEs at any time.

It is important to always use the IDE which is fit for a particular task!


You can import my bookmarks.xml file into the eclipse update sites to get access to some frequently used plugins (Go to Help/Software Updates / Manage Sites / Import).

Some important plugins:

Important settings:

  • Auto Refresh

  • Auto Update

  • Font: Use a font that clearly distinguished Zero from Oh (0,O), one from el (1,l). Good example: Consolas (Win Vista), Andale Mono (Win XP/2k), DejaVu Sans Mono (Unix).

Important Features:

  • Code Cleanup

  • Format

  • Organize imports

All theses should be configured

  • Per Project

  • Automatically on save!

Additional plugins which may be of interest:


Important Features

  • GUI Builder

  • Profiler

  • Built-in Maven support (since 6.7)